Monday, November 17, 2008

November inspiration -> Michele

Hi there !
Here is Michele and, well, as you may know, english is not my first language, so i hope you will understand what i am trying to tell you !lol ! and i hope you will pardon me my mistakes ...

let's begin by a page using the "Hot chocolate" collection ,marvelous colors ! and what i love with this papers, it's that it's very easy to use it for another theme that Christmas .
This page talk about my biggest defect: being anxious, being afraid about everything ...

UDD products use:

#UDD0155. Wintergreen
#UDD0152. Dash Away
#UDD0150. Cinnamon Stick

yes i love making this flowers , so i thought it would be a great idea to use it for making
Christmas Ornament together !

here is what we need :

6 circles cut in the papers of the "Spirit" collection:
#UDD0156. Giving
#UDD0161. Thanks
rub ons
#UDD0123. Basic Brown

Bend the ribbon like this :

then staple a circle of cardstock on :

distress the edge of the circles and run it in bowl, and glue it together.

put an eyelet on a circle of cardstock

staple it and tie the rope:

add embellishment or words and some glitter :

and voilà :)

an easy way to make Christmas ornament :) i think i will make it again ;)
thanks for letting me share !

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Inspiration -> Kim S

{click on any of the image to see them larger}

I love mixing and matching paperlines and Upsy Daisy Designs products are perfect to mix up! For this layout I have taken papers from both of the new Christmas Lines Spirit and Hot Chocolate . See how wonderful these lines mix? And you don't even have to use them for festive layouts - they are perfect for any occasion.

UDD Products used:
#UDD0151 Cocoa (Hot Chocolate Paperline)
#UDD0150 Cinnamon Stick (Hot Chocolate Paperline)
#UDD0159 Peace (Spirit Paperline)
#UDD005 Flower Swirl (Oodles of Doodles)

I would also like to share a little Christmas Ornament with you - these paperballs have appeared across the web a lot lately and I love just how easy these are to make. They would be fantastic as a little gift, you could fill them with candy or small toys.
All you need are a few strips of paper, a hole punch, two brads and whichever additional embellishments take your fancy.

For my example I have cut a 12 x 12 sheet of double sided paper from the >>Spirit<< line into eight strips of 1,5" width. I found them too long, which would make the ball quite large, therefore I decided to cut them down to a length of 6" each.

When using double-sided paper, make sure that you alternate the patterns for a more interesting look. Stack each of your strips on top of each other and punch a hole at the top and the bottom end of each strip. While they are still stacked on top of each other, secure the ends by attaching a brad through the top and one through the bottom hole. All you need to do now is to fan the strips out and your ball is good an ready. Isn't that just the cutest little gift to do? And it did not take me longer than 5 Minutes to cut, punch and fan the ball. It took much longer to stamp and ink the gift tag, which was attached to the top brad.

UDD Products used
#UDD157 Joy (Spirit Paperline)