Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The first round of our DT call has just ended and boy,you guys just blew us away!

With well over 70 submissions, Amanda and I have been floored by the immense talent presented to us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for putting yourself and your work out there,and for taking the time to share your creations with us.

As cliche'd as it sounds, we really wish we could pick each and every one of you.
Your participation in this call has truly humbled us all here at Upsy Daisy.

We hope to have some news for you soon, so please keep checking back.

Just a reminder that Round 2 of the call has officially begun.
To answer a number of questions I received in this regard, we started Round 2 to accommodate those applicants who were waiting to receive their Upsy Daisy product from the site, or from the various retailers.
If you did apply for Round 1 and would still like to show us what you can do with Upsy Daisy product,please feel free to re-apply :)

Good luck to everyone.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful to get so many applicants...just shows the interest in your products! I know I'm {im}patiently waiting for the new stuff to arrive on my doorstep! Can't wait to dig into it! Should be fun!

Thanks for the opportunity for the second call! I've been browsing the designers previous work and you have some incredible designers working for you. Good luck choosing those to join the team.

Beverley Todd said...

Woot! Mine arrived today!! Gonna go play now!

Holley V said...

Can't wait to hear who made it. The wait is so hard! :) I'm glad you're choosing and not me, sounds like a tough choice with all those wonderful applicants.

Anonymous said...

only a few more days!!! {can you tell I'm excited!?!}

Love the new look of the blog header! YUMMY papers!! I should have my shipment by the beginning of the week! Can't wait!

Marina said...

I received my papers late last week, so I been digging through my photos to create some wonderful things.

Michelle Galloway said...

That's Awesome, I received my order just a couple of weeks ago, so to be able to do some more layouts with you new line will be great!

Claude said...

I keep stalking the blog to see if the names are up, lol!

Good luck to everyone!