Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ready to Blossom

Hello everyone!
Here in Australia we are slowing heading into our Winter, but that doesn't mean we are not having some gorgeous weather (and photo opportunities!).
Rather than feel a bit gloomy about it getting cold, we end up heading outside to the parks and beaches to feel the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces.
"Blossom" is THE perfect range of papers to help create pages for these photos - all those lovely soft pinks and sage greens are so gorgeous against skin tones and make even an average photo seems so pretty.
Of course, I couldn't resist using my darling daughter for these two pages. As well as Kim's wonderful sketch !
For the first layout "1,2,3 Cheese", I subsituted a piece of paper in the background with a hand cut tree shape. I simply drew the shape on the back of my Upsy Daisy "Spring Breeze" (BLO015) paper and trimmed it with a sharp stencil knife. I sprayed the back of the tree and adhered it to the base paper, "Awakening" (BLO011).

The last thing to do was to spritz a bit of mist across the background and punch out and curl quite a few flowers using "Orchard" (BLO013) and "Spring is in the Air" (BLO016). The last thing was to trim out some of the journaling spots and strips from "Precious" (BLO014) to lay across the base of the design.
The next Lo I created using the gorgeous Blossom papers was "Look How Much You've Grown".
Once again, using Kim's great sketch, I was able to capture the spirit of my little girl as well as keep the page light and feminine.

On your next layout, why not try to use some gorgeous ribbon or pretty fabric trim? There are so many out there to choose from! To create the double bow that I have on the bottom right of my page, simply tie one bow using an organza ribbon and then, using the loops from the first bow, create another bow on top of it. Attach this bow to the centre of a flower using on of Upsy Daisy's Metal Flower Brads and you have a pretty embellishment that also gives your page depth!
Well, I am going to head back into the studio and start some more projects. I hope everyone is having a great month and I'll see you in the Gallery very soon!
Sarah xx


Kim Sonksen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE how you used the branches and blossoms in the top layout and the flowers and brads in the second one *drools*

janis said...

kim's right - - the handcutting on the branches and the blossoms is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you inspire me to play more using this line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Julia Sáddi said...

Hi Sarah!!! yes, Cut-cut-cut!!! love the first layout cutting, besides the soft and delicate look. And on the second, everithing is so unique, but the picture, wow, gives the Project a final touch!!! Clap-clap!!! xox Julia Sáddi