Monday, September 20, 2010

Be thankful

We all have different things that we are thankful for, right?
One of my major important things in life (apart from health and love, mind) is Music - I could not function without it.

Which is why you would never find me out and about without my trusted iPod.
To ensure it stays nice and neat I actually carry it in my handbag in the sturdy plastic container it came in - but after a while the plain white covers bored me.

So I took a sheet of #AVA014. Powder from the AVALANCHE line and a piece of left over paper #BLO014. Precious from the BLOSSOM line to make this:

It did not take long to trace the outline of the original white cover and I simply glued the paper straight onto it. A few Helmar Zapdots later and the circles were raised from the background and gave some additional dimension.

So, tell us what are you thankful for?


Sophia said...

Very thankful for my family...

Julia Sáddi said...
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Julia Sáddi said...

Julia Sáddi said...

Great project, Kim! Hum... I am thankful for so, so many things but I will cut down into two main things, ok!?
1 st of all I am thankful for having my daughter Paula, so perfect, full of health, the joy of my life! She came to enlighten our family, after 14 years of marriage!!!
2nd I am thankful for being healthy to live everyday by her side.

Great Week, Kim!
love, Julia Sáddi

Sandi Counceller said...

Love this Kim! And I'm loving the Helmar adhesives - they hold so well!