Monday, December 27, 2010

.:Fortune cookies for the new year:.

Hi there everyone!
This is my first blog post for the Upsy Daisy design team blog, and I'm thrilled and nervous about it :)
Since the Christmas celebrations is over, its time to focus on the next big event this year... the New Years Celebrations. I have the cutest little idea for you to use at your party, Its a small paper Fortune Cookie. Aren't they adorable?

And I have a step by step tutorial for you today on how to fold these cuties. They are great for the kids treasure hunt, or as a fun way to wish all your friends a really happy new year.

well I better stop blabbing,,, here is the steps..
Cut out a paper circle, the size of a Cd is great. Place one of the cut out paper circles in front of you. If you have a paper circle that has a pattern on only one side, place the pattern side down. Meaning, the side with no pattern should be visible. I have used the Avalanche paper line for this one.

Fold the paper circle in half. You do not need to make a hard crease, just gently fold the bottom end up to meet the top. At this stage you can also put in a small paper ribbon or a trim to make your cookie a little more festive.

Take both outer edges and pull them down to meet each other. Once again, you do not need to form a hard crease, a slight tug downwards on both ends will form your shape. Your paper will now look like a fortune cookie.

Add a dab of glue or a glue-dot where the two ends meet to secure them. In order to hold the shape of your fortune cookie the adhesive is necessary.

Make as many as you like, put them in a bowl as a centerpiece at the table, or give everyone a cookie together with the placing cards when you set the table.
Materials used: Avalanche- #AVA011-Adrenaline, #AVA014 -Powder, #AVA012- Extreme

Hope you all get a fantastic new year celebration!



Marielle said...

this is such a cute idea !!!

Kim Sonksen said...

Gosh, this is such a wicked tutorial - thanks for the inspiration Katarina

Paradise said...

WOW Krumeluran!!
Superhärlig idé!!! Detta ska jag absolut testa!!! :D

TUSEN TACK för din finfina tutorial! <3

Många kramar Petra

Sandi Counceller said...

What a great, unique idea Katrina!!

theresewelin said...

Tack för din tutorial, ska jag nog testa:)
Kram Tesa

islandjacquelin said...

These are sooooo cute! I made a bunch, too!!! Thanks for the inspiration!