Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi everyone. I feel so lucky that I'm the DT that gets to greet you guys a "happy New Year!" first. Gosh can you believe that we're in a new year, let alone a new decade?!

But with a new year comes that time were we all (admittingly or not) reflect on ourselves. What we've done, what we could've done and what we won't do. You know what I mean.... that big R word that everyone's throwing out there at this time every year. Yes I'm talking about RESOLUTIONS. So what will it be for you? The usual ones...... loose weight? save more? give more?

Well I've thought about mine and besides the "usual ones", I've also added that I will try to get back to writing more in my journal. Here's a page using some great Upsy Daisy products reflecting this goal of mine.

Unwritten. Documenting in 2010
pulled out for publication

I decided to go with the elegant papers of the Enchanted line. I love the monochromatic feel of the papers using all kinds of hues of lavender.

pulled out for publication

I love this rubon from the Unwritten pack. It summed up my goals in one fantastic phrase. I punched out some butterflies to add texture and movement to the page as well as add emphasis to the touchy sentimental journaling.

pulled out for publication

to make the picture of my many journals standout against the rest of the page, I matted it with black cardstock, added some photo corners and adhered it with some pop up dots. I added another butterfly to have a visual triangle on my page. I also used the My guy stamp to create the border on my page.

Another thing that people will be thinking about this month is organization. It seemed like we never ran out of things to put away or dates to forget. I have to be honest with you, that I am not that great with organization yet so I don't have any great tips to share that will change your life, but I do have a project that hopefully will spark something that will keep a part of your life in order, even if it's just for now......

Card Organizer

I used the great papers from the Cupcake line. I also used the frame stamp from the My Guy stamp collection and letter rubons from the Oodles of Doodles pack.

This was a recycled chocolate box that I got for Christmas. I love recycling things around the house. I covered all the sides with paper and added ribbon and a title block to finish the front.

I love making cards but somehow never had anywhere neat and "organized" place to put them. In this box, I was able to store some birthday cards that I whipped up recently. I love that this box will hold all my cards that I recently made and when I'm in need of a card to send to a love one, I know exactly where to go to get one. Gosh I love the idea of finding a "home" for everything.

So that's it. I hope I was able to inspire you with some ideas to jumpstart your creativity this year. Making goals or resolutions is always a great start for your year and making something pretty to remind you of that, might just be the little nudge that you need to keep your goals, whatever that might be!

Signing off for now,

Products used:
Unwritten. Documenting 2010 layout:
#ED011. Charmed
#ED012. Fantasy
#ED014. Mystical
#ED015. Regal
#ED013. Magical

#UDD210. My Guy
#UDD188. Unwritten

Card organizer:
#UDD0137. Scrumptious
#UDD0134. Delicious
#UDD0132. Icing on Top
#UDD0133. Delectable

#UDD210. My Guy
#UDD0082. Oodles of Doodles - Alphas