Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Have you seen those gorgeous little "Home" themed cards and wrapping papers that have been put out for Christmas this year? They look like they straight out of a children's storybook and I am in seriously in love with them. It made me think about how I could achieve the same look using the new Upsy Daisy range of "HOME SWEET HOME" papers.

Here's a couple of Step by Step pictures with instructions on how to create a paper pieced Picket Fence to embellish your page - perfect for pages about your home, a friend's new house, the family pet or - like I have done, a new baby.

How to create your own Picket Fence!

You need:

plain cardstock or thick paper
metal ruler
exacto knife and scissors

Measure out your cardstock at 1cm widths - you need about 20 - 30 picket fence palings, depending on how long you want your fence. Each fence paling also needs to be 8cm tall

Either use your exacto knife or a pair of scissors to cut each fence paling up into the cardstock.

Use your scissors to snip the tips off the fences at an angle.
Add some puffy mounting tape to the back of each fence paling.

Adhere your fence to your layout over the top of two thin strips of paper (to act as the back fence rungs).

And here is the finished layout - celebrating the safe arrival of my god-daughter Sophia :).
I have also created this card using the fence paling idea - this would be great to use for someone you know who is moving into a new home:

Have fun and happy creating everyone!
Lots of love from Australia,
Sarah xx


Kirsten said...

so cute! Will for sure give this a try

Jamie Lane said...

Love it!

Julia Sáddi said...

Great fence and layout, Sarah, congratulations!
1 Huge Hug to You, Julia Sáddi

Tanis said...

OH that is GORGEOUS!!! I just love the colours in this collection :)

ellen s. said...

gosh are those cuuute! what a cool idea

rebekah said...

what a great post! and love the fence!!
going to check out that DT call for sure!

Kim Sonksen said...

AWEwome tutorial and such a wicked idea! I love it and will have to try this myself!

Sandi Counceller said...

VERY cute!!