Monday, May 9, 2011

Step-by-Step Card Tutorial

Hi Girls!!! Julia speaking! I am so happy to be responsible for May's Tutorial.  As lately I have been so into Card making, I come to share a Step-by-Step Card Tutorial with you showcasing Upsy Daisy's "Home Sweet Home" Collection.

Step 1:
Choose the paper collection you will be using to highlight your work. On this card, I chose to use the Upsy Daisy  'Home Sweet Home' Collection.

Step 2:
Choose a neutral cardstock as your base - I generally use white, black, cream or light blue, but its your choice, so feel free. Score the card and fold it in half. If you don´t have a bone scorer, or a folding plate, try using a rub-on tool.

Step 3:
Sort through your papers and coordinating embellies, besides any other materials and techniques you may ellect to work. I did a lot of cutting, before choosing the elements I would be using. And, at this time I chose to use a frame, a clear round acrylic frame, from a brazilian trend called Arte 1.


Step 4:
Choose a patterned paper with small patterns on it and cut it into +1cm stripes as you can see on the photo. If your frame is not an adhesive one you may, first, add double tape to the back of the frame.

Step 5:
Attach the paper stripes to the frame, as shown, as tight as possible and living no blank spaces.

Step 6:
Create your card with a special touch of yours, but using a Sketch, in case you need saving time! Then, mix your chosen stash and check if they work well together. Add, replace and remove items until you feel happy with their position, until you feel they are right where they should be! Then, just stick them down and voilá!



Rosângela said...

Amei o cartão, Júlia!! Muito fofo!!

Yone said...

Cartão muito lindo e de bom gosto ! Bjs, Yone

Anonymous said...

suxh a cool card :) Thanks for sharing :)

Karla Carneiro said...

Lindo Julia, parabéns pelo Pap e obrigado por compartilhar!

Marcia Kamano said...

Adorei o pap júlia!
beijos carinhosos

Juliana said...


Beautiful card, very nice design.

Com carinho,
Ju Lara

Claudia Ventura said...

Lindo cartão... adorei o PAP!

Brit said...

What a great card, Julia! Beautiful!