Monday, May 30, 2011

Cupcake thanks!

Hey everyone, it is Jacquelin here and today I have a quick and easy little project tha tyou can use to say thanks to a favourite teacher or happy birthday to a special friend.

This little paper cupcake is fun and fast and a great gift! I used the fabulous "See You Later Alligator" line - it is perfect for teachers!

Here are the basic instructions:
1. Using a craft knife, trim  a piece of florist’s foam to a 2 1⁄2×1 7⁄8" cylinder. Cut a 6 3⁄4" circle from first patterned paper and fold it in half. Fold the circle in half four times, then unfold it until it is a circle again. There should be 16 creases in the paper.

2. Create an accordion fold around the circle by folding from one crease to another. Open the paper and place the center on the foam cylinder. Press and shape the paper over it. Turn the cylinder right side up and hot-glue the paper pleats evenly around it.

3. Cut ten to twelve 3⁄8×12" strips of a second patterned paper and wrap them around a pencil to create spiral loops. Insert a straight pin in one side of each loop and stick it into the exposed foam. Don’t worry if some of the foam shows around the edge.

4.  Add a chipboard phrase to the front. Hot-glue a lollipop sticks to the backs of punched phrase. Trim the stick to the desired length and stick them into the foam.  Add a gift card of your choice!

And just because I love this line - a quick little layout all about our family's love affair with Rockband!!

I hope you enjoy these quick and easy projects - and "See you Later, Alligator!!



Tracey Taylor said...

such a fun idea. Love it

Julia Sáddi said...

Really Original, congrats!
xox Julia Sáddi

Rebecca said...

Such a cute gift card holder! Love the layout too :)