Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's tutorial day on the Upsy Daisy blog so I decided to get my stamp on and show you how to stamp on candles.


Materials include: Waxed paper, a white candle, white tissue paper, ink, scissors, a heat tool and your favourite Upsy Daisy Designs stamps. I used Chic Bebe and Girlfriends for this project.
Step 1:

Stamp your image onto the tissue paper. I stamped on the shiny side but I have not done any experimentation to see if that really matters. I used a few different stamps to create the image you see here.
Step 2:
Carefully cut around your stamped image and place RIGHT SIDE UP on the candle.

Step 3:
Take a piece of waxed paper and place it on top of your stamped tissue paper. Hold it firmly in place and make sure it is smooth on your image. Heat emboss until you no longer see any tissue paper.

Step 4:
Remove the waxed paper and take a peek at your candle. If there are any bits of tissue paper still visible, repeat step 3. You can buff your image if desired with your waxed paper.

I also made a coordinating gift bag for my candle using the "Cupcake" paper line and the same stamps I used on the candle.

There are so many possibilities for themes with the Upsy Daisy lines so feel free to adapt this idea to suit any holiday or occasion.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Thanks so much for visiting!


janis said...

this is super brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! i will definitely try this!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!

Ruki said...

thanks for tutorial! love this! I´ll try it!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the candle! Such a pretty gift!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

that is a great little gift bag!

Marielle said...

such a great and creative idea !