Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready to be Spooked?

It's almost time! Break out the candy (or as we say here in Australia - lollies) and put in your best vampire teeth!
Halloween has never been a very big celebration here in Australia but it is getting larger every year. I'm excited by that - there's no better excuse to dress up, take photos and scrap a page about it! lol.
Using the new UDD "Home Sweet Home" paper line, I have created this page called "Dress Ups". My boys went "Safari" this year for their costumes. I painted scars on their faces and they are taking along their fave soft toy animals as their "prey". Soooo cute!

Another little project I have been busy doing for you this month is a little "How To" on making your own Halloween themed flowers.
For these flowers, you need to go to a fabric store and buy yourself some fringed trim - a yard would make at least 10 flowers.
Step One:
Assemble all of your supplies - you need some scraps of card, double sided tape, scissors and your trim.
Step Two:
Place a "cross" of double sided tape on your scrap card and stick down one end of your trim with the fringed part facing OUT.
Step Three:
Place your trim in a circle measuring approximately one inch on the inside. You need to do two circles - one inside the other. Just keep winding your trim around until you have almost closed in the circle.

Step Four:
Make a few flowers - you don't need to use them all on one project - put some aside for later.

Adhere them to your LO or project using some UDD brads - the corduroy covered ones look fantastic.

And here is the finished page.....

I hope you all like these little flowers - they remind me of little spiders. In fact, you could trim off some of the trim, leaving only little spiders legs! How about you give it a try?

Have a great week, everyone and take care.
Happy Halloween!
Sares x


Rebecca said...

Fabulous layouts! And I love the spidery looking flowers--great idea!

islandjacquelin said...

OOOH! Love those spidery flowers!! TFS!!!

janis said...

awesome flowers!!!!

Sandi Counceller said...

Wow - this is soooooo great and a great photo as well!! Great Work!

Julia Sáddi said...

Amazing LO, Sarah! It's a pity we do not have Halloween tradition in Brazil...
Sarah, I have bought few Australian magazine and I have seen great publications of yours on them, congratulations!!!
xox, Love Julia Sáddi

Kim Sonksen said...

I thought they looked like little spiders too! Gorgeous projects Sarah